Slack alerts

Receive pull request alerts in your Slack server

You can configure a Slack Webhook URL in your organization dashboard which will receive any new or updated pull request notifications generated by the Socket Organization's associated GitHub app installation.

Configuring a Slack Webhook

After you have installed the Socket GitHub app and logged into your Socket Organization's dashboard, follow these steps to configure this feature:

  1. Create a Webhook URL on your Slack server that will post messages to the desired slack channel. Follow the instructions on the Slack docs here:
  2. Visit the Organization's settings page. The URL to this page follows this URL pattern:{OrgName}/settings/general
  3. Enter the Slack webhook URL generated in step 1 into the Slack Webhook settings section:

Screenshot of the Slack webhook settings in Soc

Removing a Slack Webhook

  1. Visit your organization's settings page:{OrgName}/settings/general
  2. Press the x button and then press Setup Webhook.
  3. The configured webhook URL is removed from your Socket Organization and will no longer receive messages.
  4. Optionally delete the configured Webhook URL from your Slack account.