Getting started

Socket protects your most critical apps from supply chain attacks. We provide a couple of different ways in which this protection can be applied:

The GitHub App

The easiest and most powerful approach we have is Socket for GitHub. You simply install that to your repositories and it will start running checks on eg. PR:s right away and provide feedback to you.


Our brand new Socket REST API enables you to make use of our feature set in a more customized approach that you yourself (or some very smart friend of yours or in the community) tailor for your very own needs. As easy? Nope. Taste just as good? Yep, or even better if you add that secret spice of yours to it.


We shouldn't really be talking about this yet, as it isn't shipped yet, but as developers we feel the need to share with you that yes: You will of course be able to interact with us through the CLI. We appreciate it as much as any dev.

What’s Next

Pick your way to get protected + get any remaining questions answered: