SeverityAlert TypeDescription
HighExplicitly Unlicensed Item(Experimental) Something was found which is explicitly marked as unlicensed
MediumNonpermissive License(Experimental) A package's licensing information has fine-grained problems
LowDeprecated SPDX exception(Experimental) Contains a known deprecated SPDX license exception.
LowDeprecated license(Experimental) License is deprecated which may have legal implications regarding the package's use.
LowCopyleft License(Experimental) Copyleft license information was found
LowNon OSI license(Experimental) Package has a non-OSI-approved license.
LowLegal notice(Experimental) Package contains a legal notice. This could increase your exposure to legal risk when using this project.
LowNo License Found(Experimental) License information could not be found
LowAmbiguous License Classifier(Experimental) An ambiguous license classifier was found.
LowNon-permissive License(Experimental) A license not known to be considered permissive was found
LowUnidentified License(Experimental) Something that seems like a license was found, but its contents could not be matched with a known license