The Socket API is a powerful tool designed to bolster application security for developers and security teams. By offering functionalities like identifying vulnerabilities, providing security scores for packages, streamlining report management, and giving insights on repository health and dependencies, it simplifies the complex task of ensuring application safety.

Built with a developer-first approach and backed by industry experts, the Socket API is an essential solution for those aiming to safeguard their applications while reducing security busywork.

What it does:

Socket API offers a wide range of functionalities to enhance application security:

  1. Issue Management: Retrieve issues by package.
  2. Scoring System: Obtain a security score for any package.
  3. Report Handling: Create, view, delete, or list reports easily.
  4. File Support: Check which files are supported for reports.
  5. API Definition: Quickly get the OpenAPI definition.
  6. Usage Analysis: Monitor your quota.
  7. Organization Management: List and manage different organizations.
  8. Settings Calculation: Adjust and view your settings.
  9. Repository Insights: Get a list of repositories and their latest project reports.
  10. Dependency Snapshots: Create a snapshot of all dependencies from manifest information.

Why it's useful:

Socket API is a powerful tool for developers and security teams. It aids in:

  • Quickly identifying and managing vulnerabilities in your application.
  • Making informed decisions with the package security scoring system.
  • Streamlining report management, saving time and effort.
  • Ensuring compatibility with supported files.
  • Getting insights on repository health and dependencies.

Why it's awesome:

  • Developer-First: Built by prolific open source maintainers, Socket API is tailored for developers.
  • Scale and Impact: Used by over 4,000 organizations and protecting over 200,000 code repositories, Socket is trusted by many.
  • Innovation: With constant updates and features, Socket API is always at the forefront of application security.

In a nutshell, Socket is the future of application security, making the web a safer place for everyone.